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2014 Infiniti Q50 Factory Service Manual

This manual is provided by Nissan Infiniti Car Owner's (

FWD - Quick Reference Guide

ACC - Accelerator Control System
ADP - Automatic Drive Positioner
AV - Audio, Visual & Navigation System
BCS - Body Control System
BR - Brake System
BRC - Brake Control System
BRM - Body Repair Manual
CCS - Cruise Control System
CHG - Charging System
CO - Engine Cooling System
DAS - Driver Assistance System
DEF - Defogger
DLK - Door & Lock
DLN - Driveline
DMS - Drive Mode System
EC - Engine Control System *** Engine Code information here
EM - Engine Mechanical
EX - Exhaust System
EXL - Exterior Lighting System
EXT - Exterior
FAX - Front Axle
FL - Fuel System
FSU - Front Suspension
GI - General Information
GW - Glass & Window System
HA - Heater & Air Conditioning System
HAC - Heater & Air Conditioning Control System
HRN - Horn
INL - Interior Lighting System
INT - Interior
IP - Instrument Panel
LAN - LAN System
LU- Engine Lubrication System
MA - Maintenance
MIR - Mirrors
MWI - Meter, Warning Lamp & Indicator
PB - Parking Brake System
PCS - Power Control System
PG - Power Supply, Ground & Circuit Elements
PWC - Power Window Control System
PWO - Power Outler
RAX - Rear Axle
RF - Roof
RSU - Rear Suspension
SB - Seat Belt
SBC - Seat Belt Control System
SE - Seat
SEC - Security Control System
SR - SRS Airbag
SRC - SRS Airbag Control System
ST - Steering System
STC - Steering Control System
STR - Starting System
TM - Transaxle & Transmission
VTL - Ventilation System
WCS - Warning Chime System
WT - Road Wheels & Tires
WW - Wiper & Washer


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